Strategic Planning Icon Strategic Planning

Strategic planning helps to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensuring all stakeholders are working toward common goals with measureable outcomes/results.

Development Icon Development

Connect leading resources in research, stakeholders and provide cutting-edge ideas covering the target services/products across the industry. Committed to closing the loops to grow communities to live well.

Marketing Planning Icon Marketing

Create innovative targeted marketing analysis, communication and delivery of solutions that have value to the client. We listen and understand methods influencing behaviors, delivery and decisions made by the consumer audience with a purpose.

PJL & Associates

PJL & Associates listen to our client’s needs. By bringing people together. We have extensive experience cutting through clutter/noise. Creating innovative solutions. Integrating and organize complex business functions. Drive Implementation. Cut costs. Deliver results. We work with our clients not just to “agree to agree”.

PJL & Associates serves as a center resource of business intelligence solutions for integrated, efficient and effective planning to enhance economic development of an area and serve as a catalyst for creating innovative new strategies for the community benefit and growth. Healthcare and Higher Education are two of the most challenging multi- matrix industries we embrace the challenge.

Recent News

Develop a Master Plan with PJL and Associates

Senior health and wellness, changing our path!

Needs to shift towards a proactive preventative models.

Patricia has authored another article for the Biz Times. “Senior health and wellness, changing our path!” “Needs to shift towards a proactive preventative models.” It was meant to be thought provoking about our communities infrastructures, what we are providing our seniors, as well as what we can all do as a way of living a lifetime well.

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